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3. Jan. Vor dem Duell gegen Manchester City ist der Schweizer einer der Wichtigsten bei Tabellenführer Liverpool. Was ist passiert?. 3. Jan. Im Spitzenspiel der Premier League trifft Jürgen Klopp mit dem FC Liverpool auf den Vorjahresmeister Manchester City mit Pep Guardiola. 3. Jan. Fußball: heute Liverpool vs. Man City heute live im TV und Live-Stream: Ist das Spitzenspiel der Premier League kostenlos, gratis und umsonst. Die Reaktion von Ribery allerdings, in der er die Kritiker auf übelste Art und Weise beleidigt, geht meiner Meinung nach garnicht. Und ein Auswärtsspiel bei City - wer kann dorthin fahren und denken: Beide sind feste Bestandteile von Liverpools erster Elf. Steuerhinterziehung Bewährungsstrafe für Cristiano Ronaldo? Ich habe kein Fieber, aber Husten und eine laufende Nase. Muss jeder seine Gage in der Steuererklärung angeben? Ab wann wird es gefährlich? Stern - Die Woche. Er ist die Nummer elfeinhalb. Palace CRY 23 6 4 13 Liverpool im Head to Head Erster gegen Zweiter:

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De Bruyne chips a poor pass into the area to nobody in particular. Liverpool clear their lines. Henderson has a wild swipe on Sterling as he dribbles forwards and Sterling reacts instantly!

Getting right up in his face. The referee sorts them out and books Henderson for the foul. For a second it looked like everyone might kick off there.

D e Bruyne whips the ball in from wide City come forward again Sane is in behind! He drives to the box, shoots Does this look offside to you?

The blue lines are where City want to have passing lanes, the man circled is blocking the pass to Fernandinho at all times. The two connected are in charge of pressing the man on the ball.

Liverpool are so organised with the press. C ity come forward slowly and Liverpool get back into their defensive shape quickly. Nobody moves off the ball and the passes go sideways and backwards.

Sane tries to force something down the left but again Alexander-Arnold is equal to it - he has been superb tonight. S terling has the ball wide right, takes on Robertson and waits for the slide tackle J esus has been mostly useless tonight.

He tries a strange attempt at a flicked shot which ends up somewhere miles behind the goal. Walker shouts for a pass from Otamendi, who goes into Fernanindho, who goes first time out to Walker but puts way too much on it.

L ook how narrow and compact Liverpool are in defence. This is what Burnley and the likes do against City:. S olanke makes an instant impact! A long ball forward and he takes it down.

Another long pass into the channel and he can sprint into space and pull a low pass into the box. Mane almost gets a shot on goal but Otamendi covers and Ederson can gather.

O tamendi heads over. Solanke is getting ready to come on, which suggests Klopp wants to try and get the high press going again.

T heir passing is scrappy too. City have a little spark about them too. The crowd roars on their team but City have all the ball.

Silva wins another corner. E verytime Sterling gets the ball the crowd boo. He wants an option for a pass but has to go backwards W hat a ball!

Sane is in miles of space on the left! Mane wins a free-kick and gives his team a chance to keep the ball for a bit. C ity have had more shots in this half already.

Sane goes to Fernandinho, who reverses his pass over the defensive line and Sterling is incorrectly ruled offside.

He gets his first touch all wrong anyway and the Anfield crowd love it. K ompany reads a pass down the channel to Mane and intercepts, shields and sets his team forward.

Fernandinho wins the ball in midfield, plays in Sane, De Bruyne comes onto it, goes back to Sane City are winning everything in midfield now. L iverpool have dropped really deep.

Klopp wants them further forward - this is just inviting City to keep the ball in advanced areas. R obertson does really well to block Sane and shield the ball for a goal kick.

And here comes Raheem Sterling! Liverpool are condensing that space in their defensive third to prevent City getting through but Sane in particular is having some fun at the moment down the left.

Fernandinho is getting high up the pitch too, Gundogan seems to be the holding player. Van Dijk makes a mistake! De Bruyne is in down the right! The corner is fired in and somehow - and this is insane - Silva kills it with one touch and the ball just sits in the area.

The shot is deflected wide. City have Liverpool surrounded. C ity are on it here. Fernandinho hits an unbelievable pass over his shoulder over to the edge of the penalty area.

O tamendi and Kompany go to head a corner but neither gets there Salah comes over to the bench and is giving his groin a bit of attention.

Is it worth protecting him now? S terling and Delph are warming up. F ernandinho intercepts and plays in Sane down the left.

He hits an early cross but nobody is there. Strike two for Gabriel Jesus! C ity launch it from kick off The passing is much better already and Silva wins a corner.

That is headed away and City keep possession. The defence is playing a deeper line now, making more of a diamond shape with Fernandinho at the tip.

H ere we go! No changes from either side Sterling for Gundogan makes most sense, if not just telling the players to actually stick to their positions.

T hat is all about the gegenpress. Both teams have attacking down the left, City because Sane is there, Liverpool because Walker is too far forward and Robertson is doubling up as an extra winger.

Home advantage is key and City are wilting a little under the noise of the Anfield crowd. Both of those players have given the ball away and when City do pass forwards, Liverpool are instantly in their defensive shape.

A very solid - the midfield three a central block. As happened in the win though, Liverpool will tire. Both managers must time their substitutions exceptionally well to get the result they want in the second half.

A nd Van Dijk almost scores from a header from a free-kick. C ity manage to get some rhythm to their passing and De Bruyne is taken out by Milner.

De Bruyne takes it A nother Liverpool shot on goal. This time Firmino shoots over from distance:. Liverpool keep steaming straight through them.

M ane has just completely pied Walker with a shoulder drop and is unlucky that nobody reads the cross from the left wing. City are having to react to everything!

This is the difference here. Liverpool are defending with a central midfield three. C ity really have the impression of a team who have turned up having thoroughly underestimated this one.

But as Laporte recovers with an absolute worldy of a sliding tackle to prevent another clear scoring opportunity for Liverpool, City come forward.

Instantly, Liverpool drop back into their defensive shape and deny any space. T he passing map kinda shows how this one is going too.

L iverpool are going forward every time. Bang bang bang chase chase chase. City want to keep it but they keep giving away stupid little passes and are being rushed out of possession in midfield.

City trying to go through the middle but just cannot keep the ball. And now Robertson is steaming down the left!

His shot is parried away by the goalkeeper! Loose passes, mistakes - this is all going wrong. Salah has a bit of space next to Laporte again, cuts inside and bends a shot towards goal.

It hits Kompany, bounces back to him and Salah chips a perfect ball to the back post. Where are the defenders!?!?! Mane rises highest and powers his header past the goalkeeper.

L iverpool are so aggressive with this high press! The movement is brilliant too and space is opening up everywhere!

But a defender gets a head on it and City survive. Salah bins both De Bruyne and Laporte with a superb bit of skill but his touch inside the area is deflected away.

Alexander-Arnold tackles Sane and then bursts away down the wing. Liverpool are forward again. G uardiola is prowling the technical area applauding his players.

Liverpool are a click faster than City in every department, like raptors vs the dinosaur helper guys in Jurassic Park, or a less stupid analogy. R obertson is forward as a left winger It nearly goes in off his own defender!

Liverpool come forward with Mane and Salah is nearly played clean in behind the high City defensive line.

Liverpool keep up the pressure, Milner puts in a brilliant tackle and then Oxlade-Chamberlain has five yards of space around him in the centre of the pitch 25 yards out.

He hits a shot so hard that it near enough kills the net. Where did it even come from?!!!! T he usually reliable Silva is rushing his passes, his touch is loose City cannot keep the ball and get those tap tap tap passes going like they want to.

L iverpool pounce on a loose ball and get it forward as fast as they can. Robertson is the furthest player forward, Mane has the ball Ederson is forced into rushing his kick away and Liverpool have possession again.

There is no way on earth Liverpool can keep this up for the full game - City just need to stay cool and absorb this for a bit to take advantage of tired legs late on.

How crucial those points are, come the end of the season, remains to be seen. City suffered heavy defeats on their last two trips to Anfield.

They say things come in threes, and perhaps they would have done had Fernandinho not been on the pitch.

The Brazilian epitomised everything Guardiola would have wanted from his side - grit, determination and the capacity to disrupt Liverpool.

The start of the brilliant, spot on from the first second, we caused them a lot of problems. If you want to analyse the result, it is okay, it could be better.

But at the end, the managers need to analyse what we have done and what we need to do. That is the most important thing. VAR could have been consulted to establish whether Mane kicked out at Fernandinho.

The pair clashed in the 33rd minute, with the City midfielder adjudged to have fouled his Liverpool counterpart. When on the ground, Mane appeared to lash out, thrusting his legs into the air and towards the face of Fernandinho.

Referee Atkinson looked on the incident favourable for Liverpool, with both players spoken to about their conduct. Both clubs resume their Premier League campaigns after the international break.

Liverpool travel to Huddersfield for a tea-time kick-off on Saturday, October 20, while Manchester City host Burnley earlier that day at 3pm.

Sane is in behind! City are winning everything in midfield now. Another long pass into the channel and he can sprint into space and pull a low pass into the box. Salah has been involved in 22 goals in his opening 21 Premier League games for Liverpool 17 swtor sternstunden casino, five assists ; only two stadion leicester have ever been involved in more in their opening 21 Premier League ttr casino no deposit bonus codes for a club vegas casino floor plans Andrew Cole at Newcastle and Dwight Yorke at Manchester United 23 each. And here comes Raheem Sterling! Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah left is set to return from injury at Anfield this weekend. Fernandinho steals the ball from Firmino but passes too far ahead of Jesus. Premier League Liverpool vs Manchester City 4: How can Liverpool keep City quiet? Liverpool played with their hearts but also their heads.

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Kabinenpredigt Warum man keinen Trainer entlassen sollte — aber wenn schon, dann nicht wie Hannover 96 es plant. Nun steht das Team des Jahres Aber ich habe ein paar Bedenken deswegen. Muss jeder seine Gage in der Steuererklärung angeben? Sie spielen plötzlich Höchstleistung.


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